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What's the next move for the blog after you lay the vids to rest? Even if I don't always agree, you have interesting views and rationale that I think people want to read. One thing I will say is, the format of the blog is great for photos but makes following multi-threaded convos difficult.

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Yea, I’ve been peeping that for awhile now. The whole hard to read conversations that appear. Plus they take up space by making my blog look ridiculously long. Weird. So right now I’m concentrating on making these videos compatible for all decides, yes even iPhone with their sorry ass MOV format. Smmfh. I’m taking it in a direction where people who follow me will not anymore. Weeding out those who only came to watch porn. Single mindsets have nothing better to do than contribute to miniscule shit. Those who nitpick and skim are not even valued to me. So from time to time I’ll have people digest topics of importance, but aside from that I’m not even going to be a avid blogger anymore. Not because I discontinued video making but this site consumes allot of time that could be invested outside improving self. Crazy right? A simplistic web blog captivates with basic tricks and pictures. Lol so I’m really just looking forward to a different way to innovate thoughts. It will not be a overnight thing but in time I want my videos days to be non existent. Improbable but it’s not going to be a dominate feature anymore. As stated before, there will be pics from time to time but no videos. If there are gifs it will be because I’m bored as fuck. Lol

I feel you. I’ve been having this conversation with friends lately about personal purpose/meaning. Outside of Tumblr, I have a pretty substantial social network online (FB/Twitter/IG) and off. I’ve invited you to parties before, that’s one thing I do. But that shit gets old fast. The thing is, if I can use this network to come out and party with me, why can’t I use them for something like….charity?

Sunday morning, i’ll be volunteering in something called #hashtaglunchbag, an initiative to feed the homeless. We meet up at a central location, bag lunches then get out on foot and give them to the unsheltered homeless of NYC. Pretty sure i’m gonna feel some sadness today, but it’s necessary.

Use your platform to help elevate others if you can’t think of anything else.

I definitely agree that blogging is time consuming, but if you’re good at something and have a genuine passion for it, that’s something worth keeping up with.


Losing the little bit of followers I had.
Maybe I don’t post enough?

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